Ubuntu – My New(ish) Desktop

Those of you who know me really well may remember a time I attempted to make a complete switch from Windows to Linux.  Suffice it to say, that attempt did not go well…mainly when I decided to switch back to Windows.  (Bit of a long and embarrassing story, there…well, mainly embarrassing.)

It just so happens that I’m writing this on my new(ish) Ubuntu desktop, running the 16.04.1 LTS distro.  I’ve been fascinated with Linux ever since I was truly introduced to it, and I do believe my preferred distro is Ubuntu.  I’ve developed some facility with the command line in the server edition.  I think, over time, I will grow to prefer it to Windows, and I’m at least 65% there as it is.

And I shall now wait for anyone who knows me really well to gasp in shock…

Right then.  It is my long-term goal to do most of my day-to-day activities on this desktop.  It’s a Gigabyte Brix, running the AMD A8-5557M APU, and I currently have 8GB of RAM in it on a Samsung EVO SSD.  I think it’s the 850 EVO, but there’s equal chance it’s the 840 EVO.  Incidentally, I recommend either of these SSDs, more the 850 than the 840 as it’s the current version and easier to find.

I’ve actually owned this nice, little computer for several months now, but it replaced my less-than-reliable desktop at work.  Recent infrastructure changes have relieved me of this computer’s necessity to be productive, so I’ve decided to re-purpose it.

My long-term goal with this system is to use it for my day-to-day tasks from email to writing to keeping in touch with those I want to keep in touch with (yes, that list is considerably shorter than the list of people I know.).  Harbinger will continue to be my gaming rig, and I will use it for those tasks that do not have a direct analogue in Ubuntu, like Photoshop.

I’m sure there are those (almost) rabid fans of Linux out there who will leap to tell me what a flawed perception that is…how anything that can be done in Windows can just as easily be done in Linux.  Well, sorry, guys…GIMP is utterly confusing to me, and I’m not sure that Adobe has ported Creative Cloud to Linux yet.  I’ve spent too long reaching the middling level of proficiency I have with Photoshop to switch now.

And let us not forget gaming.  I won’t be gaming as much as I used to be (blame writing and my drive to publish the stories I want to tell), but there are a few games on the horizon that will have my undivided attention for a few hours each week: Squadron 42, Star Citizen, Skyrim Special Edition, and maybe one or two others.

Agree with any part of what I’ve said?  Disagree with any part of what I’ve said?  Excellent!  Comment below, and tell me about it.

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