The Plan…Or Not

When I put my first book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, I specified April 3rd as the release date for a reason.  You see, I have a plan.

My plan was that I would start writing Book 2 of Histories of Drakmoor the day my book released, with the goal of it being released no later than nine months from that day.

I thought it was an excellent plan, and for that matter, I still do.  There’s just one, little problem…

I wrote Chapter 1 tonight.

What can I say?

I finished the most recent publication of one of my favorite authors (Quarus by S. J. MacDonald) tonight, and I was just getting back to my apartment (I finished “Quarus” sitting in a booth at the local Pizza Hut.) when the feeling hit.

“It’s time, now.  Write it.”

So, I sat down at my computer, started my music, and wrote Chapter 1.  Chapter 1 turned out to be 1,453 words across 6 pages.  I aim for 85,000-word novels.  To reach this, I have to write 43 chapters with 2,000 words each, and I know in my heart of hearts I’ll have chapters that pass 3,000 words without breaking a sweat.  That’s just how I write.

Ah, well.  I guess it’s a good thing I love writing.  🙂

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