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Hello!  I’ve just added a site calendar to Valthon’s Net.  It’s a Google Calendar I created to record the dates, times, and word count of my writing sessions.  You can view it here.  If you want to know what led me to do this, read on.

A while back, my source of employment asked me if I was willing to learn coding and become an assistant developer for the software products we have.  I should state from the outset that I have attempted learning to code various times over the past 20 years, and those attempts have never really worked out.  In fact, they usually ended when something else far more interesting consumed my attention.

Me being me, I answered, “Sure.  I’m willing to learn.”

So, I have started the path to learn Visual Basic, a .Net Framework language from Microsoft.  The owner of the company (who also happens to be the primary developer and my guide on this journey) asked me to think of a project that I would like to create, and my mind blanked…because I’d never even considered what kind of program I’d like to write.

I spent a couple evenings (or maybe even a weekend) pondering the topic, and I decided I wanted to write a program that would take the place of all my story notes, basically becoming a writing database for me.

Leith and I have had a couple of meetings thus far, and we’re working on the design portion of the project right now.  I haven’t started coding yet.

So, what does all this have to do with adding a Google calendar to my website?  I’m glad you asked.

One of the things I like to do when I’m writing is keep track of how much I wrote during each session at the keyboard along with when that session occurred.  I’ve used an Excel spreadsheet for this in the past, but I decided that I wanted to incorporate a writing log into the software I’ll be using to learn C#.

Now, since the software I’ll be writing is basically a user interface for a SQL database and since my site runs on a SQL back-end, I had the idea of exporting writing log data from one SQL database to another.  Leith, however, refined the idea a bit.  In Leith’s idea (which I really like better than mine), the software I create will send calendar data to the Google Calendar I created this evening, and in turn, my website will pull that data to be displayed on my site.

I’ve not been able to get the site calendar off my mind, though, because I really like the idea.  So…I went ahead and did the Google calendar and website integration portion of that.

I found a great how-to article for adding a Google calendar to a WordPress site and used it to make the calendar/website side of things happen, and I think it turned out pretty well.  I know I’m happy with it.

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