Ruminations on Employment

I’ve been working my way through “Dynamic Characters” by Nancy Kress, as part of my efforts to improve my craft, and I recently finished the chapter discussing that a character’s job and how the character reacts to it can be used to show or enhance characterization. This started me thinking about my job, where I am in my life, and where I want to be.

I’ve worked in Information Technology (IT) since 2002, and I reached a point this summer where I thought the time had come for me to leave the field.

You see, IT is a very chaotic, unpredictable field, especially the area of technical support. You will encounter the woman who hugs you for fixing her laptop so that it backs up her pictures. You will encounter the cantankerous, irascible sonuvabitch who hates change and berates you and insults you while you’re trying to help him. And you might even encounter them both on the same day.

Not too long ago, I told my supervisor I wanted to transition out of IT over time (think years). I had become very dissatisfied—perhaps even disillusioned—with my chosen profession, and that manifested as a 6 – 8-week funk of which I’m still cleaning away some lingering pieces.

I’m glad I didn’t make any long-term decisions the day that started the above-mentioned funk. First of all, any decision-making during moments of high emotion is rarely well-considered. Second of all, the decision I wanted to make (I still remember it…very clearly) was the wrong path.

On Saturday, the 15th of October, I met some friends whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time. During the initial conversation, when I mentioned I was coming up on a full year at my job, one of the friends asked if I had any regrets.

I said, “Not a one.”

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