My Novels – An Update

Here, another month has almost passed, and I realized it’s been a rather long time since I published an update.  The best way to stay current on my publishing is to be a subscriber to my newsletter.

Before long, the only posts that will appear here will be write-ups of tech projects (like the NAS I keep wanting to build).

The current project is my debut Science Fiction series: Cole & Srexx.  Cole & Srexx is (so far) the shortest concept to publication cycle I’ve had.  I must confess to being rather pleased with that.  I’ve read several authors who say that the more books you writes, the faster you’ll write them…as the process gets streamlined and your mind learns how to think for creative writing.

That may sound a bit like gobbledy-gook, but my experience thus far lends weight to it.

Another aspect to increased productivity (at least on the creative side) is learning how to shift your mind into that creative space we all need to write.  If you’re fortunate enough to be able to write full time, this isn’t so difficult.  For others, though, the only time they have to write is late at night after their family’s asleep or early morning before they wake up.

The ultimate secret to productivity, though, is simply writing.  Whether you dictate, record for transcription, put your butt in a chair in front of a keyboard…the only way you’ll complete a manuscript is to dedicate time for writing it.  Robert Heinlein–one of the most prolific Science Fiction authors of the twentieth century–had five rules for success.  Number One?

You Must Write.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the actual update!

It Ain't Over... Cover Image

It Ain’t Over…

Cole & Srexx, Book 1

There isn’t much to report here.  On April 3rd–the one-year anniversary of my first publication–I submitted it for pre-order to all the major retailers.  The book goes live on 2 July 2019.

Download the First Five Chapters.

Find it at your favorite eBook retailer.

...Till It's Over Cover Image

…Till It’s Over!

Cole & Srexx, Book 2

As I announced in a Facebook post a while back, I completed this manuscript at 5:16pm on 6 May 2019.  The following week (13 May to be precise), I sent it to the editor for the first pass.  On 8 May, I submitted this for pre-order at all the major retailers, and it will go live on 6 August 2019.

Download the First Five Chapters.

Find it at your favorite retailer.

Haven Ascendant

Cole & Srexx, Book 3

This is my current project.  I’m at the final stage of story prep (chapter summaries), and upon completion, I will begin writing the manuscript.  At the current count, the manuscript will have 41 chapters, but that isn’t something you should take to the bank.  I planned for 44 – 45 chapters in “…Till It’s Over” but ended up with 40.  I planned for 45 chapters in “It Ain’t Over…” and ended up with 51.  These things happen.

Hmmm…I should probably contact my cover artist for some artwork, too.

On 3 June, I will submit this book for pre-order to all the major retailers.  “Haven Ascendant” goes live on 3 September 2019.

Upcoming Projects

I have started the very early stages of story prep for “Archmagister,” Volume III of the Histories of Drakmoor.  My goal is to publish this book on 1 October 2019.  I would like to publish “Home Sweet Home” and “The Fall of Skullkeep” (Volumes IV & V of the Histories of Drakmoor) by April of 2020, but we’ll see how production goes.

“The Fires of Aurelius,” Book 4 of the Cole & Srexx saga, is slated for publication on 1 October as well.  As the books of both my series build off of the previous, I have not even started story prep for this novel.  I would like to publish “Solar Eclipsed,” Book 5 of the Cole & Srexx saga, on 5 November 2019.

Unfortunately, though, all dates mentioned in this “Upcoming Projects” section are tentative, and I will announce official dates once I have a better appreciation of the production timeline.

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    • Rob
      Rob says:

      Hi, John!

      Apologies for the incorrect publication date, and also apologies for just now noticing your comment.

      The current plan is that I will be writing “Archmagister” in December, and I anticipate its publication to take place the first Tuesday in February. If the plan changes, any changes will involve moving that schedule forward, as I made myself a promise when I published “Awakening” that the longest period between releases I’d accept for my Epic Fantasy is 12 months.

      Thanks for dropping by and saying hello! Best wishes to you and yours!


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