A New Site


I’m writing this post to let everyone know that this site (valthon.net) will no longer be the home of all my publications on the Internet.

From here on out, you can find all my work, news about current or upcoming projects, etc. at knightsfall.press.

Valthon.net has been a good home to me while I started my journey and career as a full-time author, but the time has come to put more focus on treating my writing like a business.  One of the myriad things I’m having to learn is branding.

And valthon.net does not fit the brand I want to build.

It could. Yes, it easily could.  But after careful consideration, making valthon.net into a site that would serve as the foundation of the brand I want to build would involve more time and work than is really appropriate.

I will leave the site and this single post up for a time, but in time, it will go away.  My goal is to be an author-preneur in the years to come, and this past year has shown me that my interest in geeky pet projects and tech is fading as I concentrate on writing my novels and building a business around them.

Thank you for visiting valthon.net, and I hope you’ll follow me to over to knightsfall.press!