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I’m pleased to report that I made good progress on the revisions tonight.  As you’ll be able to see in my Writing Log, I rounded out the new Chapter 10 with 660 more words and wrote the new Chapter 11.  This particular set of revisions is pushing toward one to two more chapters that are brand new to the narrative before getting back to revising content that existed the previous draft.  That being said, I really like where the story is going with the addition of the new chapters.

I’m not sure how much I’ve discussed about my plans for publication beyond a bird’s-eye view of the process.  I suppose I should probably do a better job of unveiling this information, but I’ve always been terrible at keeping secrets I’m really excited about.  You see, last March (or so), I filed LLC paperwork with West Virginia to form my own publishing company, Knightsfall Press.  At present, the plan is for anything I publish to be published by Knightsfall Press.

I plan to make all the sample chapters, announcements about cover art, and all the hype-building, marketing stuff through the Knightsfall Press website, but I must confess I’ve been more involved work and writing the book and haven’t really progressed too far into building the Knightsfall website.  If you’re really curious, you can visit it here, but there’s not a whole lot to see.  🙂

I mentioned Knightsfall Press, because I’m wrestling with the idea of throwing up a sample chapter (one I’ve already revised) here at Valthon’s Net.  If I do, it won’t be the sample’s permanent home, but a few people have asked me about a sample for a while now.

Ah, well…

I’ll sleep on it and see what thoughts or conclusions float to the surface in the morning.

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