Important Notice – The Fires of Aurelius


I need to apologize for and explain why I am taking down “The Fires of Aurelius” from Amazon, which will also cancel all pre-orders.

The short explanation is that I’ve been fighting this story for three months, and it simply is not coming together.  At all.

And so, I’m taking a little break.  Don’t worry, though.  ‘A little break’ doesn’t mean I’m going to disappear into the rain forests of Borneo for a dozen years.  I’m going to write “Archmagister” and “Home Sweet Home,” Volumes III & IV of Histories of Drakmoor.  I’m going to clear my head of Cole & Srexx, so that when I come back after Drakmoor Volume IV, I can tell this piece of Cole & Srexx’s story.  Then, my intention is to alternate between the two until I’ve completed both (ten books each).

I thought that giving myself more time was the answer.  I was wrong.  I’m sorry I established an expectation I’m unable to meet, but I would rather take the book down than throw unfinished crap into the world.  It’s not fair to the story, and it’s not fair to you.

I offer you and yours my best wishes for the coming days.