Histories of Drakmoor – Fifth Update

Into Vushaar

Into Vushaar, Volume II, went live for Amazon Kindle and Kobo on 12 February…and last night (18 February), a good friend discovered and reported a major issue.  Apparently, when I was fixing some formatting problems in Vellum, I duplicated a section of Chapter 39.  Whoops!

I have now corrected the issue and uploaded the updated eBook files to all retailers.

A paperback edition will be available soon!

Into Vushaar Front Cover

The Golden Flame

With Into Vushaar published, I will now begin work on Volume III, titled The Golden Flame.  I do not have a release date at this time, but I anticipate it will arrive during or before October of this year.


Earlier this year (i.e. somewhen in early January), I went through Awakening and corrected a number of errors that were reported to me.  Careless marketer that I am, I updated the Kindle, Kobo, and Print files without making announcing the corrections.

Work is proceeding on the audio version of Awakening, my goal is to publish the audiobook to several outlets on the anniversary of the book’s publication: 3 April.  I will endeavor to be more communicative about this in the future.  🙂

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