About Rob

Oh, goodness…you want to know more about me?  That’s both intimidating and humbling.

Please, bear with me; I’ve always been the shy, quiet kid who tried very much never to be noticed.  The whole ‘creating a public persona to help readers connect with me’ is a very new concept to me, and breaking habits decades in the making is never easy.

Fun Fact: I have an incorrigible, off-beat sense of humor.  I find something amusing in almost every situation…even when it’s very inappropriate to do so (like a funeral).

I love Information Technology (IT), and you can find copious evidence of this among My Thoughts.  As technology continues to advance and expand, there’s no way for a person to be a generalist and have any level of in-depth knowledge; my preferences in IT are Systems (i.e. servers) and Networks.  It’s been on my mind for a while to make my own NAS using FreeNAS and a couple computers I have that aren’t being used.

I started working in IT in 2002, but I’ve been helping people with computers since high school.

I started writing during the summer between my Junior and Senior years of high school, and I haven’t looked back.  If you’d like to read the full story of how I came to try writing, it’s published under the title, “Why I Write.”

I spent twenty years studying and practicing my craft before I pursued publication, and by that time, the independent author movement had exploded.  I’ve been very glad I didn’t have to wade through any slush piles.  🙂

Memberships & Certifications

The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author Member